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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Totakacarya, Hastamalakacarya and Suresvaracar, _ TOIS
his disciples and set up maihas in his name throughout+he
land, bounded by the four seas ; which he left in the charge^
his disciples. Then, he made Vidyasankara his disciple, a-ie
after some time secured release from the body.                    a
Then the  householder Madhava who was living
banks of the Krsna, migrated to the  southern  country,
having  settled  down  at Pampa,  meditated  on the Grod
Laksmi, with the object of  obtaining wealth.    The Grodc
who appeared before him refused to comply with his reque*
but consoled him with a promise that she would grant him a
object of his desire in his next birth.    Madhava then wen£
Vidyasankara,   the   pupil    of     Sankaracarya,   got   Mnuip
ordained as a sanyasin, and assumed the name of Vidyara^ \
The Groddess then appeared to him in a dream, and said, " IJhe
Jainas and the Kiratas who seized this country are conch-mi;.
ing   themselves  just   as  they please.    Build   a  city in this
country, and set up a king so_ that he may encourage virtue
• and punish evil."    Vidyaranya was reflecting on the meaning
of   this   dream for   some   time,    when    two   poor  Ksatriya
brothers called Harihara and Bukka, who  migrated  from  the
northern country, settled down in the south and having enterr
ed into marital relations with the Kurubas, were living in happi-
ness.    Harihara, the elder of the two brothers, dreamed that he
would obtain great wealth, if he would go accompanied by his
brother, Bukka,   to   Vidyaranya  and  seek    his    patroftaga
Accordingly, Harihara and Bukka went to Hampi, where they
met Vidyaranya, and explained to him the dream.    The  sage,
thereupon, summoned the people of the place,   and questioned
them about the past history   of the  shrine.    They  said  thai
formerly   king   Trisanku   of   the Iksvaku   race  who  visited
the  shrine granted to it the three  and a  half crores  country
between   the  Krsna   and the   Setu  to  get rid  of his  sins,
When   Vidyaranya heard of this, he turned to Harihara arid
Bukka, and said,  " The Grod Virfipaksa is the master  of thifi
whole kingdom.    You should become  the   devotees'* of